CBD Extract

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to CBD Extract. We carry the RAW form as it is the purest, most natural form there is. Raw means that no heat and/or chemicals (solvents or alcohols) have been used in the extraction or packaging process. This is hugely important.

When the extract is taken from the plant by use of CO2 extraction as ours is, the resulting gel or goo is just as nature intended it. In this natural state, the extract has around 100 cannabinoids and around 400 trace compounds – approximately 200 of which are terpenes. But, the second that any amount of heat (or chemicals) gets applied, the entire make-up of the extract changes. CBDA which is hugely available in Raw Extract, gets converted to CBD. CBDA has its own unique list of benefits that CBD does not. And, when CBDA and CBD work WITH each other, they each amplify the effect of the other. This dual effect is lost when heated. Heat can also damage or entirely eliminate almost all the other trace compounds naturally found within the plant’s extract.

While the resulting extract can have still have many beneficial compounds, much has been lost. This is why we recommend RAW CBD EXTRACT for our CBD Regimen (link to that page). And, the purists want only the pure Raw extract.

It is important to note that other types of extract still have great benefit. In fact, when heated, the CBDA found only in the Raw form becomes additional CBD. So, an extract that has been heated, while having no CBDA, has approximately double the CBD…and still has many of the other cannabinoids. Also, it’s this type of extract that is used to make most of our products like CBD Drops, Gummies, Vape Oils, Capsules, etc.

We offer this product in either 1gram or 10gram syringes -or- in 5gram, 10gram or 30gram jars. Many people like the syringes for easy dispensing, but others prefer the scoopability of the jars. Either way, the product is the same.

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