25% CBG Hemp Extract


25% CBG Hemp Extract

Highland Pharms’ Full Spectrum CBG raw extract from hemp is the latest in Natural Remedies for your well-being.  If you’re on this page, you probably already know the benefit of buying CBD oil products. But, these are even better….

Each gram of all-natural extract has 250mg of CBG along with 75mg of full-spectrum CBD extract.  This is a nice healthy serving of these two power compounds plus all the other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and plant compounds found in hemp.  The best mixture for your well-being.


  • CBG Extract
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

What makes Highland Pharms’ CBG Extract Better?

We have taken the latest in Natural Remedies (CBG) and added it to the tried-and-true in Natural Remedies (CBD).  Even the best Full Spectrum Hemp CBD extract on the market is naturally low in CBG, but our scientists have started with pure CBG and added a healthy dose of full-spectrum CBD extract to it so that you get a healthy serving of BOTH compounds.  This extract is truly the best of the best.

Highland Pharms uses hemp grown in Colorado.  Using only the finest in extraction techniques, our team puts the hemp through a C02 extraction process which is the gentlest way to do it.  Since all our production is in Colorado, the time it takes for us to get it from the farm into your hands is exceptionally low.  Many hemp brands buy extract or isolate purchased on the open market which is usually from hemp grown in Eastern Europe or China.  And, the time it takes to get their finished products from farm to your hands can be well over a year, sometimes more.

Fresh Hemp, Quality Strains, Full Spectrum, Finest Techniques  –  Highland Pharms!


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